Awaken the Leader

For Leaders and Changemakers.

Your vision. Your project. Your results.

Do you have the seed of an idea in your heart that’s calling to become a movement for change?

Perhaps you're focused on your business. Is that your movement? Will the success and growth of your business make change in the world? Are you resisting stepping into that arena?

Is there a cause that’s urging you irrefutably to take a stand - or take it further? And you’re wondering how to find the time and means to make it happen?

Are you hiding behind your career, your family or your fears, claiming: “I CAN’T do it!”

What if you could have the courage, confidence, tools, guidance, and allies you need to grow that seed of an idea into the change YOU want to see happen?

Well, stop searching (or sitting on the fence) when the world needs you now!

Let's get your movement or your business growing!!

Join me September 28-29, 2019

in Pleasanton, CA

What this is all about!

Awaken the Leader is a 2-day, hands-on training intensive to inspire you, support you, and give you the ground rules and guidance on how a meaningful change movement is made.

You’ll learn how to activate your vision, gain important leadership skills, carve a strategic path to move forward, and build a team that will support you.

The best part? The power you’ll feel in a room full of passionate women with brilliant minds, fire in their bellies and stars in their eyes to create change in an area of need, to shake things up a little - or a lot - in the world.

You know the type - you ARE the type! And you know what happens when women come together with passion and purpose. Sparks fly and change happens!

It promises to be an unforgettable experience that could significantly shift the way you look at and show up in the world.

“I got so much information out of today. I've talked to so many coaches but none of them ever really made sense. Some of what we did was a challenge, but Linda made it easier and more comfortable.”

Why am I working to awaken your leader within?

My passion is to support women who want to see a world that works better for everyone, and are ready to step up to make lasting change happen. I want to see EVERY woman with a passionate cause to be able to activate her vision successfully and powerfully.

I really feel that my 40 years of leadership experience (spanning the military, corporate, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial arenas) have brought me to this place - where I myself have that irrefutable urge, that fire in my belly, to start a movement to teach others to start a movement.   

I deeply believe these times are calling to the feminine power of women to step up individually and together, to make change in this world. And we are seeing women answer that call like never before.

As a leadership expert, I know the mindset and skills it takes to step into the kind of leadership that creates positive change in the world.

Are you with me??

Even if you have just the seed of an idea for creating something that would make a difference, this is a great place to nurture that seed.

No matter what issue you want to address or how broad your vision is - some of the most lasting and meaningful change happens in small ways, one person at a time.

When we women stand together, we stand stronger.

Your opportunity is right here, right now...


Launch your movement with a clear plan for growth.


Create and build a team of people committed to your vision.


Gain all-in buy-in from allies and supporters.


Fund-raise through electric relationships and partnerships.


Make an impactful pitch with powerful speaking points.


Your Vision - Your Project - Your Results

It's all happening on Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29 starting at 9am

in Pleasanton, CA

.“Linda is the quintessential leader, and one who thrives on mentoring others to become the leader they are meant to be.” ~ Jennifer Harty

“Linda’s energy and presentations are fun, energetic, and educational as well as motivating. ~ S. Harlow-Shott

“Leadership skills are something we all can improve on. Linda tackles leadership from so many different angles that there is always something for everyone.” ~ Julie Foucht

“Great movements start with a single idea.”


Two Ways to Pay

PAY IN FULL.- $497

Pay in full and you get a bonus. An hour of one-to-one time with me prior to the event, to help you get the most out of your training experience! 

3 PAYMENTS - $175 each

Pay $175 today to save your seat, and make 2 more payments between now and September 20. This opportunity ends on August 1.

If you need to make different payment arrangements, contact me at [email protected]

About your host: Linda Patten

Linda Patten is a Leadership Expert who challenges women to dare to lead: whether it is to navigate the often-daunting  entrepreneurial world, to building strong teams for a thriving business, to stepping out of the shadows into the light of leadership in life, to learning the leadership mindset and skills that will grow the seeds of change into a world-level movement.

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